LEO Films Drone operator and videography

We offer videography and aerial image services. We are proud to strive for excellence and to provide the best filming tools according to your needs and budgets. We work with a wide range of filming equipment and drones to offer original and inventive images for the web, television and cinema.

The team is bilingual (French and English) with a very good knowledge of the various types of filming. Whether in the form of magazines, corporate or documentaries, we know how to adapt our shooting style according to the specific requests for each type of production.

Advanced certication

We can go into operation with our drones in less than 24 hours notice. Our pilots have their drone operations license in complex areas which includes large urban areas and near airports. We can offer an airborne and ground videography package on the same shooting day for clients who prefer to do both with one crew.

Film Miséricorde, Amos, Abitibi

Pierre F Chénier

Videographer (DP) for over 25 years, he has created the images for many scientific and social documentaries aired both in Canada and abroad. He has been travelling to many countries combining an empathic human approach with the right mix of creative skills and reactivity.

Julien Brault-Chénier

Julien is a lead pilot, camera operator, camera assistant and our director of drone operations. He holds a Private Pilot license for single-engine aircraft. Very early, he developed a passion for aviation. Piloting becomes an art of its own kind when it implies visualizing and then, repeatedly performing complex movements which require the right dose of natural talent and skills. He cares a lot about the safety, and at the same time, he does his best to deliver the shot. He is one of the founding members of the Quebec drone operator group (RODQ) and the first AQTIS drone operator member in Quebec.


The Inspire2 is our mainstream drone.

Our all-terrain drone is the Inspire 2 paired with an X7 or X5S camera.

We also own 2 very popular cameras in the television industry. Both are Sony’s pro cameras : FX9 and F5 with interchangeable lenses. For our “B” cam operations, we also own a Panasonic GH5s and a Ronin SC gimbal. All kits comes with a sound-kit with a boom microphone, wireless Lavalier and a basic LED and Tungsten lighting kit.

The crew travel with a Toyota HybridRAV4 SUV and a Chevrolet Suburban 4×4 truck.

We also own a Matrice 300RTK with a multispectral (thermal) camera.

The M300RTK is actually the leading technology for serious visual inspections work.


Television – Feature Films

Advertising – Corporative – Industrial

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Aerial Virtual Reality (AVR360) – Virtual Reality (VR360)
High-Resolution Aerial Photography – Visual Inspection

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